Super secret, common sense recipes.


The Menu


Reggie or Veggie.
That’s the technical term we shout out to the Fry·lier ((fryˈyā/) when you order. It means regular 100% turkey or 100% veggie. Yeah, you get to choose.



Jalapeño or Classic.
Chop up some jalapeño, add them to the batter, and you get a delicious corndog with a kick! We understand it’s a hard choice which is why ordering one of each is such a popular option. 



We put the fun in funnel cakes.
I’m sure you can agree, leaving a festival without this powdered sugar delicacy is a faux pas and besides, a funnel cake is cheaper than a DUI :)


Ex-squeeze-ite beverages! 
How about a freshly squeezed lemonade, limeade, OR watermelon-limeade to go with that Reggie?