We didn't invent the corndog...we just make it better.


About Us

Corndog Inc. is a traveling food service, dishing out fresh hand-dipped corndogs, poured-to-order funnel cakes, and ice cold beverages.

Ever want to quit your ‘real’ job and find freedom? Yeah, that’s how Corndog Inc. started in 2008. Know what we found out? There were a lot of other professionals looking for corndog freedom too. So we hired them and became a corndog family. 

Sure, we’re passionate about creating amazing corndogs. Know what else we’re passionate about? The places we go, the experiences and adventures we have, and most importantly the people we meet along the way.



We do our part to save the planet!

One of the many advantages of eating a corndog is that it comes with a built-in (and compostable) stick. No plate, little waste, and great taste.